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New Recruitment: No Longer Accepting Applications

Feel free to email us at SAESAC@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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T-Shirt Contest

Hello! Ever wonder why we don’t have a t-shirt for the School of AE? So do we, at SAESAC! We decided to change that, and this semester we are putting together a t-shirt design contest to make shirts for students to purchase. Any member of the AE community is welcome to participate, but must submit their designs by Wednesday, October 24th at 11:59 pm to be considered. Once all designs have been submitted, SAESAC will choose the top 3-5 designs, and a vote from the student body will be taken to determine the winner. The person who creates the winning design will get a free short and long-sleeve t-shirt! General Rules: 1. Follow guidelines for Institute logos and spirit marks found here.

a. Some of the rules are complicated, especially if you’re trying to alter a logo/spirt mark, so if you have questions please email Alex Miner or reach out to the licensing office.

2. If “School of Aerospace Engineering” is going to be included in your design, you must use the official logo, attached below. 3. If the design references one concentration, it must reference all of them (fixed-wing, space, rotorcraft). 4. Design must be general to the School of Aerospace Engineering, i.e. no references to student organizations, year or undergraduate/graduate. 5. Submitted designs must show the front and back of the shirt and have which side it is clearly labeled (even if one side has nothing on it). 6. Please include your choice of t-shirt color, but make sure it meets the requirements for what Georgia Tech logos can appear on (see above link). 7. Final design decisions and/or changes necessary to meet institute requirements will be made at the discretion of SAESAC. To submit your design, please attach both a jpeg and the original file format used to create the design to an email with the subject line “AE T-Shirt Design” and send it to SAESAC (saesac@gmail.com). Please include your contact information as well. Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to seeing your designs!

School of AE Feedback Form

This feedback form is meant to collect feedback, comments, suggestions, or criticisms you have about the School of AE at Georgia Tech. Comments will be directed towards SAESAC, the School of AE Student Advisory Council. You can remain anonymous if you would like, so please be honest with your opinions. Click here to access the form.

Building Access Questionnaire

This survey is meant gauge AE Students' knowledge and thoughts on BuzzCard access to M.K. and Guggenheim after hours (not between 7am and 5pm). Not all questions are required, but the ones that are ask important information that is needed to bring to the faculty. Click here to access the survey. SAESAC thanks you for your responses.