About Us

SAESAC is a group of Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering students who are dedicated to communicating with the School of Aerospace Engineering with the ultimate goal of improving the school.

The School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council (SAESAC) was formed:

1) To provide a means for the AE undergraduate and graduate student body to express their opinions and ideas to the faculty and staff concerning the present and future needs of the GT aerospace program.

2) To provide the assistance and cooperation needed to carry these ideas through.

3) To provide a means for the faculty to communicate with and use the resources of the student body.

Current Officers
President: Harshini Sivakumar
Vice President: Shravan Hariharan
Financial Officer: Rukmini Roy
Advisor: Avani Gupta
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lakshmi Sankar

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at SAESAC@gmail.com. In addition, if you have any specific questions or comments about the website, please contact Rukmini Roy. Thank you!