Research Opportunities for AE Undergraduate Students

Nonlinear Computational Aeroelasticity Lab

Development of reduced-order modeling, biomimetics development, CFD and CAE experience for modeling rotorcraft, aircraft, canonical shapes.

High-Power Electric Propulsion Lab

Empirical assessment of Hall effect thruster performance and facility effects, plasma-wall interactions in electric propulsion devices, development of a plasma antenna, development and assessment of alternative electric propulsion concepts.

Dr. J.V.R. Prasad

Jetpack development.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab

1 or 2 hours of research credit offered to students who want to learn Fluent or Star-CCM+ on their own with some help from graduate students in the lab. For 1 hour credit, they will do 2-D steady flow (subsonic) for a few angles of attack. For 2 hours, they will attempt a 3-D simulation over a wing with supplied grid.

Cognitive Engineering Center

Students are able to participate in many experiments from testing prototype decision support systems for astronauts to tests of defending a naval ship under time pressure.

Reacting Flow and Diagnostic Group

Ozone-assisted combustion, rapid-compression machine, and reaction flow diagnostics.

Dynamics and Control Systems Lab

Undergraduate students at the DCSL are exposed to leading edge research in control systems, with applications to spacecraft and vehicular systems, among many others. The variety of research at the DCSL touches upon the different stages of development: from theoretical, to simulation and implementation, to experimental, allowing students to experience the different stages of research as a graduate student.

Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab

Information to follow.

Aerospace Systems Design Lab

Grand Challenges, and volunteering for other projects.

Computational Combustion Lab

Information to follow.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Research Facility

Help with competitions with winnings of a million dollars (members get part of it), simulations, hardware design and implementation, control implementation, path planning, field testing, and learning to fly UAVs.

Center for Advanced Machine Mobility

Robotic Landing Gear.